Tom Brady Had Covid Following Buccaneers’ Super Bowl 2021 Parade

Tom Brady
Tom Brady Announced His Retirement

Tom Brady had become ill after he had won the Super Bowl in 2021. In February, Brady had won his 7th NFL title while being the quarterback for Tampa Bay. The victory was ground-breaking and the game was highly anticipated. But that was not all there was.

Tom Brady’s Highest And Lowest Point

Tom Brady, a legendary player of the NFL, had also won his first MVP title in a Super Bowl with the team based in Florida. It was also his fifth MVP title overall in his career. Safe to say, February was one of the highest points for Tom Brady.

However, on 4th September Sunday, Tom Brady admitted in a statement that he had contracted the coronavirus that month, shortly afterward. A test had returned positive after following the Super Bowl celebration by the Buccaneers in Hillsborough River on a boat parade filled with family.

Rick Stroud, the journalist, had asked Tom Brady whether he had had the disease after essentially beating it on the field in the previous year. Tom simply confirmed it has happened. However, Brady’s response may have been succinct, but no further details were disclosed about how he fared during the time. It is also unknown if any other members of his family had also been infected. His family includes Gisele Bundchen, his wife, their 11-year-old son Benjamin, and their 8-year-old daughter Vivian. His 14-year-old John with Bridget Moynahan, his ex, also lives with them.

But there is good news. Tom then said that he has received all the vaccinations and that the whole Buccaneers team have been fully vaccinated as well. However, despite the vaccination status of the team, Brady, 44, explained that now is not the time for letting the guard down.