Spain Vs Portugal Match Updates And Takeaways!

spain vs portugal
spain vs portugal

Spain Vs Portugal match played out very interestingly with both teams going head to head in the international friendly. However, none of the teams were able to score. The scoreline stood at 0-0 following the game’s end on Friday. Both sides seemed to be preparing for the European Championship this month. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, this was the 1st international match with fans cheering and greeting from the stands. 

Spain vs Portugal Nail-Biting Moments!

The 15,000 fans thought that Spain was finished after Jose Fonte managed to beat goalkeeper Unai Simon with his looping header. However, at 23 minutes, the goal was ruled out by the referee because of a foul committed by Jose Fonte on Torres. But Spain vs Portugal had a lot of interesting moments in store for Simons. Following the goal that was ruled out by the referee, Cristiano Ronaldo charged a clearance which had Simon in splits. However, the stopper of Athletic Bilbao managed to gather the ball after it ricocheted back to him. The halftime of the Spain vs Portugal match hinted that Portugal was going to win this clash. 

However, Spain vs Portugal had a lot of turning points throughout the game. Following the restart, Spain took Portugal by storm. However, both Pablo Sarabia and Alvaro Morata failed to convert chances. At the other end, Rui Patricio seemed to have an amazing performance stopping the shot of Ferran Torress, launched from a very close range with just 2 minutes remaining on the clock! In the extra time, Morata managed to get a shot away, but unfortunately, it hit the sidebar. Towards the end of Spain vs Portugal clash, the side managed by Luis Enrique tried to go for the win.