Yana Sizikova Finally Released From Prison Custody

Yana Sizikova
Yana Sizikova

In the French Open of last year, Yana Sizikova, a tennis player of Russia was arrested because of her role in a match-fixing scandal. However, on Friday, the police released her from custody. This is according to the judicial officials present in the match. Yana Sizikova was arrested in Paris on Thursday following the completion of the doubles match in the French Open

The Investigation Of Yana Sizikova Is Not Yet Over!

The prosecutor’s office in Paris said that they only brought her for questioning and was not charged with any crimes formally. However, they confirmed that she is still under investigation. According to the lawyer of Yana Sizikova, Frederic Belot, the tennis player of 26 years age has denied all the allegations brought against her. Sizikova is currently planning on complaining against the prosecutor’s office for defamation.

The office of the prosecutor added that Yana Sizikova was brought in for questioning in the organized fraud and sports bribery which happened in 2020 September in the French Open. Last October, they started working on the case. A police unit in France that specializes in match-fixing and betting fraud was brought into the scene. 

They had earlier collaborated with the authorities in Belgium for investigating matches they suspect have been framed in the lower divisions of tennis. The federation of French tennis declined to comment on the Yana Sizikova match-fixing scandal any further. They have stated that they won’t say a single word before the completion of the case. The agency of Tennis Integrity also declined to speak on the matter. They also investigate cases of match-fixing and organized fraud in tennis. They however revealed to the AP about the ongoing liaison happening between the law enforcement and the ITIA in France.