Spain’s second coronavirus wave swells, fuels concern across Europe

Spain is somehow trying to avoid another outbreak of coronavirus within its boundaries, as its tourism industry is getting heavily hit by Britain levying quarantine laws. This is in context to the list that the UK had prepared which stated that Spain was one of the safe countries to visit in, and then went back and put a 14 day quarantine law on it.

Countries like France and Norway too have quarantined parts of Spain due to a recent spike of cases in the region. Places like Catalonia have been heavily hit, which is putting a strain on the economy of the country which depends on tourism to a great extent.

The health minister of Spain reported that there has been a rise of 960 cases near the Catalonian regions, which is the highest spike in cases since May. And remember, this is around the time the government started easing the lockdown imposed.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Sky News on Sunday mentioned that they had to take swift action. “Otherwise we risk reinfection into the U.K., potentially a second wave and another lockdown.”