Mission: Impossible Deserves To Be As Successful As Fast & Furious

If there is one action-movie franchise that can rival the stature of Fast and The Furious, it is the Mission Impossible Series. Each year, as Fast and the Furious have been taking their game to a higher level, Tom Cruise single-handedly does death-defying stunts to reach the same zone. And while Fast and the Furious have reached bigger heights than Mission Impossible, it shouldn’t be the case.

So where does it miss out on? Well, Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible resides on him doing one stunt after the other. Since the first movie in 1996, Tom Cruise has seemingly elevated the level of stuntmanship to a whole new art form. On the other hand, the Fast and the Furious franchise believe in using technology to the highest extent- bringing forth CGI to make something otherworldly.

Since Christopher McQuarrie took over as the director of the franchise, the movies have become both commercial and a critical success. The movies have become more refined, and Tom Cruise has been able to showcase the full range of his acting chops, similar to Simon Pegg’s Benjy. Goes without saying, they deserve the same accolades that Fast and The Furious receives.