Speculation About Russian Cosmonauts For Their Yellow Uniform

Russian cosmonauts
Russian cosmonauts

There has been news that three cosmonauts of Russia have arrived at the International Space Station with yellow suits which is the national color of Ukraine. The suits they were wearing were bright yellow with blue borders which raised many speculations that they were portraying support for Ukraine by going against their own country. 

Russian Cosmonauts Were Likely Supporting Ukraine

This is just one explanation for their choice of color in their suits. Many sources state that the color of the suit was similar to the school colors they attended together which was the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The head of the space agency in Russia, Roscosmos, recently posted on Telegram that these three Russian cosmonauts were not sympathizing with Ukraine rather paid tribune to their alma mater. 

In the views of another Roscosmos, the suit was just yellow in color matching their school colors, and people who are connecting this with Ukraine are a clinic. An astronaut from NASA commented that in the case of Soyuz flights, the suits are customized months before the journey and it is made by the company after asking the crew members. 

Another former astronaut of NASA stated that to make a costume on such short notice is very difficult but not impossible. The three Russian Cosmonauts came to the space station and spoke to some callers. In such an event, one caller asked the reason for wearing yellow and one of them joking said that they abundantly had yellow material and thus, they used it. 

Scott Kelly, an astronaut in NASA is strongly against the move of Russia to invade Ukraine with their military officials and tweeted about the yellow uniform of the Russian cosmonauts. The three Russian Cosmonauts were Sergey Korsakov, Denis Matveev, and Artemyev and they will be outside the space station for more than six months.