Holly Madison On Her Journey In The Playboy Mansion

Holly Madison
Holly Madison

Holly Madison, the former star of the Playboy, has opened up about her journey in the Playboy Mansion. She also talked about her journey with Hugh Hefner. She opened up about all these things in a podcast that she attended named, Call Her Daddy. The host of the podcast was Alexandra Cooper. The conversation that took place about the journey of Holly Madison, in the podcast was a very candid one. 

Holly Madison On Hugh Hefner

Holly Madison talked about her first night in the Playboy Mansion and her experience with Hugh Hefner. She claimed that the man had given her quaaludes saying that they were “thigh openers.” She also stated that she saw all the girls going upstairs to form a physical relationship with the man, however, she had no idea what she had to do as she was a fresher. Holly Maddison stated that because it was her first-ever night in the mansion, she thought that she was not expected to do anything. But things turned out to be something else. She claimed that she was extremely drunk that night. It was to the point that she was not able to handle her own self. That was her condition when she had to go upstairs as all the other girls had done the same.

This is not the first time that Holly Madison has revealed the nature of her relationship with Hugh Hefner. She has done it before in the book, Down the Rabbit Hole. Her experiences as a girlfriend of the man have been shared before. 

The podcast that took place revealing the stories of her first night was held on the 7th of April. She gave a little backstory of the reason she joined the mansion. Holly Maddison stated that she was not in a very good position in her life. She was going through a desperate phase. 

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