Missed Stimulus Checks Can Be Still Claimed By American Citizens

stimulus check
stimulus check

The citizens of America who have missed their stimulus checks worth $5,000 can still claim their missed amount. However, the missed child tax credit and stimulus checks must be claimed by IRS before the deadline. All the people who in the impression that they are eligible for a particular check or payment from CTC must mandatorily complete their filing of tax returns by 18th April. 

The Last Deadline To Claim Missed Stimulus Checks Is 18th April

The idea of stimulus checks that are distributed is a part of the American Rescue Act which was signed by Joe Biden, the President of America. The first stimulus check was worth $1,400 for one adult. As per the data from IRS, it has sanctioned approximately 175 million stimulus checks for the citizens of America which amounted to a total of $400 billion by 2021. 

The payment amount of CTC was also increased from $2,000 to $3,600 as per the Act. Families who were capable of stimulus checks received monthly payments of $300 for one child and these checks were given from the month of July to December. There are numerous household families who did not get their stimulus check, lost it, or chose to ignore it.  

The people who did not get their extended CTC payment must file their tax returns before the deadline. Under this policy, parents will get $3,600 for a child up to six years of age and $3,000 for a child whose age is between 6 to 17. 

People who did not get their stimulus check have to ask for the Recovery Rebate Credit where they would get their status. Furthermore, families that already got child tax credit must also get a notice from IRS stating details about the amount of money they are eligible to get in advance. People who did not collect or get their CTC must submit a Schedule 8812(Form 1040).