Spotify on Windows/Mac desktop finally lets you initiate a Chromecast session

Spotify finally will allow desktop users to Chromecast their music onto other mediums. This feature has been there on iOS and Android since forever, but desktop users would finally be able to transfer and play music directly from their device onto other devices.

Spotify Rockstar MattSuda mentioned that the newest update on Spotify would herald the PC user to initiate Chromecast by directly checking into the ‘devices available’ menu for available devices. Then you can log into any one of the devices that support Chromecast and play those songs, or podcasts you so wanted to listen while you are baking a cake in the kitchen.

“You can now find Chromecast in the connect “devices available” menu in the Spotify desktop app and browser web player. ”

This feature should have been present for quite some time. For, any long term user of Spotify would attest to the frustration of not being able to start a Chromecast from their desktop. In fact, it was much easier to log into the Spotify app from Chrome OS.

Well, as it appears, we would be able to initiate those cast streams directly from our desktops now- with no hassle whatsoever!