Secret Service Agent Guarding Naomi Biden Fires At Intruders

Naomi Biden

An agent on duty guarding President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, was forced to open fire at 3 people who were trying to break into a government car in Washington. The car was unoccupied and no one was hit during the incident.

Law enforcement officials have said that the 3 people trying to break open the window of the car escaped and were yet to be identified or arrested. There is also no hint that the intruders knew that the car was within the security setup for Naomi Biden. They smashed the car window at night close to midnight. The incident took place in the Georgetown area of Washington, an upscale area.

A Secret Service spokesperson said that agents detected three intruders breaking the window of the car that was part of the detail of Naomi Biden. During the incident, one of the agents fired at the intruders. None were hurt in the incident, the spokesperson clarified.

Naomi Biden Was Not Near The Car During The Incident

The statement further clarified that no one was hurt in the incident and at no stage was Naomi Biden. The agency did not clarify why the Secret Service agent was forced to fire in an area that is densely populated. Agents are instructed not to use lethal force except under extreme circumstances. The guidelines issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security prevent the use of deadly force especially when the intended person is in a moving vehicle.

Auto thefts and carjacking have been on the rise in Washington after the pandemic. Recently, a Democrat Representative from Texas was carjacked by 3 armed persons who hijacked his car and left him stranded, though unharmed. Naomi Biden is Hunter Biden’s daughter, Joe Biden’s son. Last year she wed Peter Neal in a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. She is the first presidential granddaughter to get married inside the building.

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