Suella Braverman Eased Out As UK Home Secretary

Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman’s exit marks another blot on the record of Rishi Sunak, who had sworn to bring professionalism, integrity, and accountability to the government. But Braverman’s strong take on issues such as policing, homelessness, and immigration, all controversial subjects in normal times, started to chaff even those who were perceived as close to her.

In a recent inflammatory The Times article she blamed the Metropolitan Police for favoring left-wing protesters and also compared it to protests in Northern Ireland. Finally, the Prime Minister had to conclude that Suella Braverman had gone too far.

Even her own party MPs have called her ignorant, an embarrassment. Tory MPs have accused Suella Braverman of trying to get herself fired deliberately, so she could mount a direct challenge to the top leadership.

Humza Yousaf, the Scottish First Minister, has even suggested that her comments have instigated the extreme right. Right after her speech, many counter-protestors shouting nationalistic slogans took on the police on Veteran’s Day. On the same march in support of the rights of the Palestinians, that Suella Braverman had wanted to be barred, went off peacefully.

Suella Braverman Has Been Accused Of Undermining The Present Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak no longer found her position tenable and she had to go home secretary, and it wasn’t unprecedented. Suella Braverman was born to a Hindu mother from Mauritius and a Christian father from Kenya. Her background makes her an unusual candidate for her hard anti-immigration, Brexit, and ‘anti-woke’ agenda.

For a politician who has stayed in the headlines for the past year, she was almost unknown last year. She first came onto the political scene when she was elected as an MP in 2015 from Farnham. She spent 3 years in relative obscurity before a short stint as a junior minister attached to the Brexit department.

Suella Braverman first became a household name when she became home secretary and rode straight into the culture wars. Within weeks of being selected in September 2022, she shared her desire to deport Rwandan refugees triggering a controversy and a backlash from leaders opposed to the policy.

She was back in favor under Sunak after the Truss administration had a meltdown, but her actions have forced the present prime minister to distance himself. Her words have been so controversial that her colleagues have accused her of running a parallel leadership campaign.

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