SSDI Haven’t Changed Their Dates Since 1997


April is the month when all the Americans who applied for SSDI receive their checks. This is social security disability insurance. They haven’t changed since 1997. It usually arrives on the third Wednesday of the month.

It depends on when your birthday is. Along with exactly when you have started receiving this type of payment. Given the Easter break some payments are delayed because of that. However, it’s coming. The administration has been working on it. They have been issuing checks in rounds throughout the month of April.

SSDI And Social Security Payment has similar Dates

Yes, you heard it right. There was confusion among the claimants.

SSDI receivers have different forms of payment methods. Their payments depend on their birthday and the year they started receiving their checks. Whereas, social security also follows the same dates. Their methods are similar to SSDI.

The last check was issued on 26th AprilUsually,  payment falls on the third day of the month. There are exceptions when the third day is a holiday. It’s likely that those checks will arrive before or after.

If your birthday falls between the 1st to 10th day of the month. Your payment will arrive on the first Wednesday of the month. The second check will likely arrive on the second Wednesday of the month depending on the claimer’s birthday. This is how they have designed the payment.

This way no one would miss their checks. For example this year June 3rd is on Saturday. It is likely SSDI will reach on 2nd June. Friday. April SSDI was first issued on 12th April, second on 19th of April, and third and also last on 26th of April.