St. Johns Lose Against Indiana Narrowly

St. Johns
St. Johns

St. Johns has been one of the most consistent teams in American basketball history. They had quite a number of memorable seasons in the past. The team did start the season in a promising manner. However, their recent form will compel them to go back to the drawing board. The team lost once again against Indiana. The game was not a pleasant outing for the Johns. They were falling behind right from the start of the game. The team did not look to have a good understanding among themselves. This allowed Indiana to capitalize and build a healthy lead. 

St. Johns did turn their game around in the second half. The players learned from their mistakes. The whole pack seemed to be very much energized. They huffed and puffed all over the ground as they gave Indiana a hard fight. However, they were very much late in the game. The damage was done in the first half itself. A rejuvenated performance in the second half could not erase the deficit. They eventually came tantalizingly close to victory. Let us learn more about the match in detail. 

St. Johns Lose 74-76

It was one of the best performances from St. John’s Outfit. They dominated the whole second half. The team even threatened to take the game away from Indiana. However, that was not to be. The team had left too much work to be done for the end. They ultimately finished very close to the winning line. A look back at their overall performance will make them utterly sad. 

The team missed a lot of golden opportunities, to begin with. They were lackluster in the first part of the game. It appeared as if the team was struggling to adjust to its surroundings. St. Johns will surely have a lot of things to work on.