Kings Banks On Unity


Kings are one of the most renowned names in the NHL circuit. They are one of the most consistent teams in the business. However, their season has been rocky so far. They have suffered some season-ending injuries to their key players. This made their fans lose all hope in their team’s chances in the future. Drew Doughty has been a pillar for the team ever since he has joined. He has guided the team to innumerable victories in recent times. Drew suffered an unfortunate incident on the 22nd of October. He injured a scary blow to his knee. Doughty has been ruled out for an estimated eight weeks. 

The woes did not only end here. Another mainstay of the Kings lineup was Sean Walker. He too suffered a serious blow to his knee a few days later. As per recent reports, Walker could potentially be out for the whole season. Such scenarios made the spirits of the fans go down. Little did they know that their beloved team was up for a splendid surprise. The Los Angeles-based team started their season surprisingly well. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Kings Ready For More Action

Unity is one of the main components for a team to prosper. That is exactly what seems to be the motto of the Kings at the moment. With a couple of their main players missing, the other players have taken matters into their hands. They have vowed to stick together as a unit and continue the good work. The team has had a great start to the season so far. Players are determined not to let the good work go in vain. 

The team showed exceptional unity to win seven back-to-back games. They did not lose points for eight games straight. All this display has once again made the fans smile. The Kings are looking to build from the good work and are ready for more!