J.B Pritzker, The Illinois Governor, To Announce The New Phase Of The Lockdown Plan Within This Week

J.B Pritzker
J.B Pritzker

J.B Pritzker, the governor from the state of Illinois, is highly expected to announce with regard to the new rules of the coronavirus pandemic. The announcements are to be made by the end of this week. As per the new rules, the state will probably come back to its normal state. However, there will be a new set of guidelines that will be executed. 

J.B Pritzker’s 5th Phase

The state is currently under the 4th phase of the plan that was executed by Governor J.B Pritzker in order to limit the infection. The name of the plan is “Restore Illinois.” It was announced in the year 2020. Following this, the next plan will be the 5th phase. It is said that the state will be allowed to open completely under this phase, given that certain needs are met. They include the availability of the coronavirus vaccine or any treatment of the coronavirus infection that is highly effective. 

Dr Ngozi Ezike, the director of the public health department of the state, gave a statement concerning the new plan of reopening Illinois. He stated that the plan will be announced by J.B Pritzker, the state governor, within this week. The statement was given in a meeting of the health committee of the state. It took place this Monday.

According to sources, there is one phase of the coronavirus plan that falls between the two phases, the 4th and the 5th. This was revealed by the Illinois health director, Dr Ngozi Erike himself. Sources also revealed a few other details of the plan that is soon to be announced by Governor J.B Pritzker. It was revealed that the compulsion of using face masks is not going anywhere. Masks were the “mainstay.”