Is Your State Set Aside A Stimulus Check For You: A Lowdown On Various Relief Measures On Offer

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

It is apparent that the federal administration is no longer sending any more stimulus checks. With the high inflation jacking up prices on an unprecedented level across all products and services, and the stimulus checks being blamed partially for it by the opposition Republicans, it is obvious that President Biden is not considering any further direct relief support at the moment.

In the absence of federal support, some states have stepped up activity to send residents what could be termed a fourth stimulus check this year. Four states have already taken legislative measures and while the payments may not be for everybody, around 87 million residents in total could benefit from these intermittent support measures from the states.

Maine Gets Of The Stimulus Check Mark With A Generous Relief For Residents

Maine is the first state to have taken legislative measures to support its residents with the inflation stimulus check. Residents who have filed the 2021 income tax return for the state will be automatically eligible for the stimulus check if their income is $100,000 or less for individual filers.

For married couples filing jointly, the corresponding income criteria are $200,000 or less and for heads of households, it is $150,000 or less. Eligible residents must not be claimed as dependent on any other filer’s 2021 state income tax return.

The $850 relief stimulus check for individuals and double that for married couples filing jointly will be mailed through the US Postal Service to the address provided in the income tax return for 2021.

New Yorkers Benefit From The Excluded Workers Fund

Over $2B in total has been paid to 128,000 residents of New York under the Excluded Workers Fund. The landmark fund proved to be an important lifeline for many of the state’s workers who were left vulnerable during the lockdown as businesses shut down across sectors.

In a joint effort, community organizations, advocates, government agencies, and the private sector came together to efficiently deliver on a shared goal of granting financial relief to workers who were denied other pandemic relief benefits.

The initiative for the relief was thanks to the efforts of the New York Immigration coalition which won an important victory for immigrant workers of New York in 2021. These workers were devastated by the pandemic but were excluded from all forms of state and federal stimulus checks.

This fund went to workers which included undocumented immigrants who were not eligible for unemployment benefits or an opportunity to recover.

But the fund was depleted after a few months of payments. The NYIC is fighting to allocate an additional $3.1B to the Excluded workers Fund to help all qualifying immigrants get support from the fund.

These States Will Be Providing Income Tax Refunds To Residents

Indiana will provide tax refunds to residents who have filed their 2021 state income tax returns before January 3 this year. Individual filers will receive a stimulus check worth $125 while the married couple will receive double that amount.

It is to be noted that paper checks will not be given until July or even August. Direct payments will go out to those who have added their bank details along with their 2021 income tax returns.

The $3.9B funds are being paid from the state revenue surplus from 2021 and will benefit around 4.3M residents of Indiana. The payments will be paid through the summer.

A tax rebate will be issued by Delaware by June. Individual filers will receive $300 while couples filing jointly will receive a $600 rebate from the state.

The rebates go out to residents who have filed their 2020 state income tax returns and also include those who have not earned enough to qualify as tax filers for the same year.

The relief is intended to help Delawareans face higher prices at gas pumps and grocery stores and also help pay for the utilities. The Delaware administration is trying hard to issue the $300 one-off rebate stimulus check to the qualifying taxpayers by summer.

California To Go For Gas And Transit Debit Cards

California was the first among states with its Golden State Stimulus checks I and II. But given the high inflation rate, especially the rising price of gas, the administration under Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a $400 gas card for residents owning cars registered in the state.

Families can qualify for a maximum of two cards that bring them $800 to help them pay their gas bills. California has one of the highest gas rates in the country due to several factors.

Residents who do not own cars will receive a transit card from the state. There is no income limit on the direct gas card program. Even electric vehicle owners will get the card.

The direct payments to residents of California total $9B in relief and the state is set to legislate on the matter and send the relief stimulus checks by July.

Hawaii Legislature Reviews And Increases Stimulus Check For Residents

Governor David Ige of Hawaii proposed giving a stimulus check to every Hawaii income tax filer. Tax filers with earnings below $100,000 a year will receive a $300 stimulus check while the rest will get a $100 relief payment. 

The proposal has already received the approval of the Hawaii legislature, but the state is yet to release the details of the distribution. The payments are set to go out in August this year as hinted by the Department of Taxation in Hawaii.

Idaho is among the other states to allocate funds for stimulus checks. Governor Brad Little signed a bill that will distribute $350M among residents who are full-time residents who have filed their grocery credit refund returns or full-time residents who have filed their 2020 and 2021 state income tax returns from the state.

Each taxpayer will receive a $75 stimulus check or 12% of the 2020 income tax whichever turns out to be higher. The tax amount reported will be found in Form 40, Line 20. This rebate applies to every individual taxpayer and dependents.

The tax commission will first send funds to people who have their bank accounts linked to the tax authorities. Over 800,000 rebates are expected to go out by 2022.

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