State To Send Stimulus Checks Worth $850 By June

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

With federal stimulus checks on hold, for now, state governments are readying to send another round of relief checks to help residents offset the burden of the highest ever inflation in 40 years.

Prices of groceries and gasoline have reached their highest ever levels and most low and medium-earning citizens are being forced to cut down on essential expenses to cope with the price surge. The pandemic and the war in Europe drove up energy costs for Americans and the effect was felt across the economy.

Inflation rates remain above 8% at present, though there has been a marginal drop from the high of 8.5% at the end of March.

Maine To Give Stimulus Check To Residents From Budget Surplus

The Maine stimulus check was proposed by Gov. Janet Mills to offset the high cost of living that has badly affected the low-earning members of society. The amount for the relief check will be paid from the generous budget surplus that the state has enjoyed in 2021.

Gov. Mills’ proposal was supported even by the Republican opposition and independents in the state legislature and the bill was passed unanimously, a far cry from the acrimonious scenes witnessed in Washington where the Republicans have stymied President Biden’s proposal time and again.

Residents of Maine with an individual gross income (AGI) of less than $100,000 will receive the $850 stimulus check. For married couples filing jointly, the cut-off income (AGI) is $200,000 and for the head of household, it is $150,000.

The first round of the Maine relief check will be dispatched starting June 2022. These relief payments will go out to residents who file their income tax returns before May 31, 2022.

While the last date for filing the state stimulus check is October 31, people filing after May will have their stimulus check delaying and will receive their stimulus checks on a rolling basis.