Laura Bush and Michelle Obama share hopeful message on Global Citizen concert special

Global Citizen concert
Global Citizen concert

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, the two former first ladies, appeared on the “Global Citizen “One World: Together At Home” – a special event shared from their home. They were quite inspiring and tried to enrich the American population with hope.

Michelle Obama mentioned: “We’ve had the profound privilege of getting to know you and your families. Your hopes and your struggles, and your triumphs.”

Bush mentioned: “The spirit and courage of the American people is most evident in times of crisis, and during this period of physical separation, we’ve never been closer. Not just in our great country, but tonight we stand with the people of the world.”

They thanked the first responders and the healthcare workers fighting in the frontlines. They also thanked the veterinarians, pharmacists, and grocery store workers who are still trying to keep the semblance of normal life for American people. Bush mentioned: “You’re the fabric of our country and your strength will carry us through this crisis.”

Finally, Obama sprinkled the audience with words of hope and optimism saying we can all come out of this soon. Together.