State’s Stimulus Checks In 2023- Here Are The 7 States Sending Payments

stimulus check

Residents in a handful of states could still receive a tax rebate check or other payments in 2023. Who still might get a check, and how large will the check will arrive varies from state to state. If you have already received your state’s stimulus check or payment, you may be wondering whether the amount will be taxable on your 2022 federal income tax return. In February the IRS provided guidance on most of the special state payments that were sent to residents during 2022.

Is Your 2022 State Stimulus Check Taxable?

California- From $200 to $1,050, depending on your income, filing status, and whether you have dependents. California Franchise Tax Board has an online tool that gives you an estimate of your stimulus check payment.

Colorado- The amount depends on the filing status shown on your 2021 Colorado tax return: $750 for single filers, and $1,500 for joint filers.

Delaware- Relief Rebate checks are for $300 per eligible person.

Idaho- The amount of the first tax rebate of the year is the greater of (1) $75 per family member or (2)12% of the tax liability before credits for other taxes, payments, and donations on your 2020 Idaho return.

Illinois- The amount of the income tax rebate depends on your filing status and the number of dependents claimed on your 2021 Illinois tax return.

Maine- Each eligible resident will receive a $450 payment ($900 for an eligible married couple)

Massachusetts- Your refund will be equal to 14.0312% of your 2021 Massachusetts income tax liability. There’s an online tool you can use to get an estimate of your stimulus check payments. Nite, however, that refunds can be reduced if you have an unpaid tax liability, unpaid child support, or certain other debts.