Lucy Liu Clicked ‘Beautiful’ Boudoir Shots in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Dressing Room

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu, who worked with Drew Barrymore on the movie Charlie’s Angels, revealed in a recent interview with the latter that she still possessed the ‘beautiful’ nude pictures of the same. 

Lucy Liu commented about how Barrymore was playful, and natural and appeared to be having such a great time in the said pictures. In a recent interview on the Drew Barrymore Show, the 54-year-old Kill Bill actress appeared for a fun chat with Barrymore, 48, her co-star from the movie Charlie’s Angels, who raised the topic of certain images Liu shot of her while they were filming the movie. 

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Barrymore asked if Lucy Liu knew what she was looking for and added that it actually was the ‘nude’ photographs taken of her by the latter. To which, she promptly replied that she, in fact, was still in possession of them and complimented Barrymore on how gorgeously natural she seemed to be in those pictures. Replying to which Barrymore expressed that she would love to borrow hers. 

Then, the beautiful host of the talk show inquired about her memories of their former co-star Cameron Diaz. To which Lucy Liu laughingly said that most of what she remembered was pain. Recalling their days of shooting, she mentioned eight hours of training five days a week and called themselves a ‘badass’ for having been able to pull that off.  

The three appeared in the first ‘Charlie’s Angels movie that came out in the year 2000, as well as its sequel, ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’, which came out three years later. Lucy Liu in one of her recent interviews even opened up about how she has continued to maintain the friendship with both Barrymore and Diaz, her fellow actors from Charlie’s Angels, disputing previous claims about them not getting along.