Jamie Foxx’s New Netflix Show Is Fails To Impress

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

The sitcom of the Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, that airs on one of the streaming giants, Netflix, might meet the expectations of the critics and the viewers. The role he plays is of a father. The name of the sitcom is “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!”.

The Netflix show is produced co-executively by Jamie Foxx and Corinne, the eldest daughter of the actor. It is not a hidden fact that most parents cause their children to get embarrassed owing to their behavior. However, what is the most embarrassing part of the show is the fact that it carries an approach that is slapdash to the situation comedy.

Jamie Foxx As Dixon

Jamie Foxx is also a Grammy-winning recording artist. The actor has a background in standup comedy. Though he is 53-years-old, the physique that he has maintained is quite contradictory to his age. It can be compared to that of a football star from high school. The relationship and bond that he has with his daughters are very lovely. He has managed to do so despite the fact that the actor is one of the most eligible bachelors of Hollywood. 

Jamie Foxx can also be called a real-life hero after an incident that took place in the year 2016. He saved the life of a stranger after rescuing him from a truck that was ablaze. It had been a traffic accident. However, the new Netflix show is something that does not do good to the reputation of the Grammy-winning actor. 

The story of the show revolves around the life of Brian Dixon played by Foxx. Dixon is shown to be the CEO of one of the successful cosmetics companies. He starts to be more present in the life of Sasha who is his daughter of 15 years.