Trevor Noah Sues The NY City Hospital And Surgeon For Negligence

trevor noah

A lawsuit has been filed against New York City Hospital and its doctor by Trevor Noah. Noah claims that he had surgery that did not end as expected.

On November 22, Noah Trevor filed the lawsuit in Manhattan at the New York Supreme Court. According to available court documents, the lawsuit was against the New York City hospital and Dr. Riley J. Williams III.

The court document divulges that on November 23 in 2020, Noah, aged 37, had surgery performed on him by Dr, Riley William III. Trevor was his patient from the end of August 2020 till mid-December of the same year. 

Trevor Noah’s Charges Against The Careless Attitude

Trevor charged the defendants with accounts of negligence and careless attitude which resulted in Noah sustaining permanent injuries. Defendants and related personnel were unable to treat Trevor Noah in the standard demanded of them.

The defendants were unable to properly diagnose and treat Noah’s condition. They did not prescribe the correct medication, stop the ones that were no longer needed and use the correct medical tests to diagnose his condition. Due to which Noah has received severe lifelong injuries. The document also claimed that Noah was left disabled for a long time. 

Trevor Noah experienced acute nervous shock, emotional despair, and severe physical pain.

For a prolonged period, Noah was unable to leave his bed and house. Noah was unable to work for an extended period and was forced to go through various medical treatments. Since a few of his wounds are permanent Noah will suffer damages indefinitely.

The exact surgery has not been revealed. A bio page of the hospital dedicated to Williams states that he is an Orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in knee, elbow, and shoulder procedures. 

Neither Dr. Riley nor Noah Trevor answered Insider’s appeal for a statement. The NYC-based hospital has refused to acknowledge the claims made by Trevor. Noah has not requested detailed damages according to the available court documents.

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