Shaun White Announces That Winter Olympics 2022 Will Be His Last

Winter Olympics Shaun White

Shaun White, the greatest snowboarder of all time, has announced that he would retire after the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Shaun White, a 35-year-old snowboarder from the United States, claims a string of injuries impacted his decision to retire after the Beijing Olympics.

Shaun White, 35, won his first halfpipe gold in Turin in 2006, then again in Vancouver in 2010, and Pyeongchang in 2018. He is competing in his sixth Olympic Games. At a press conference on Saturday, he announced that this will be his final Olympics appearance.

White noted that this will most not be his final tournament because he generally takes a break after the Olympics.

Shaun White Will Compete In Other Tournaments

White said he was feeling “pretty confident” about his prospects at Beijing 2022 and said while he will be reminiscing about old times, he’s still going to be “incredibly competitive” at these Olympics. White, nicknamed “the Flying Tomato,” will begin his practice on Sunday in Beijing ahead of competing in the halfpipe, which qualification for begins on Wednesday at the Games.

Shaun White has a total of 18 medals from the Winter X Games.

On his sixth Olympic Games, White is savoring every moment. He addressed an equal amount of questions regarding his history and future during his 45-minute press conference. Shaun White worked on that technique for a while in 2013. Then, on the halfpipe, a different jump, the double cork 1440, became the trendiest thing, so he dropped the triple to focus on that. The rest is history: 1440 was insufficient in Sochi, but four years later in Pyeongchang, he connected two of them back-to-back to win his third gold medal.