Stephen Colbert Jokes Fox News Went Ad-Free To Prevent Viewers Gaining Info

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

Following the committee hearing, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert broadcast a segment on Thursday, January 6th. It eventually became a live performance. Colbert responded to the most talked-about moments from the two-hour show, skewering both Republicans and Fox News in the process.

Stephen Colbert added near the end of his introductory monologue, “Republicans tried to say that tonight was going to be a nothing burger.” “They were mistaken. It was a juicy double cheeseburger sandwiched between two burger buns and slathered in a zesty burger sauce.”

The hearing, which was televised live on ABC, NBC, CBS, and most cable news stations, was not broadcast on Fox News. Instead, they aired Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity, two of their most popular evening shows. Colbert, on the other hand, thought it was strange that neither show cut away from advertising.

Stephen Colbert’s Audience Got The Best Laugh From President Donald Trump And His Daughter

He questioned the audience, about the intention of Fox News appearing willing to lose money to discourage their viewers from accidentally acquiring information by flipping over. He further compared it to a cult of Republicans whose first rule was to never turn or never go near anything that might make other followers turn.

But it was when Stephen Colbert went after former President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka that the audience laughed the loudest. In a video appearance at the hearing, the former president’s daughter indicated that she believed Attorney General William Barr when he stated that there was no widespread voter fraud. Colbert remarked that her testimony might make the next family dinner difficult.

It had to be a bittersweet time for him, Colbert added. At long last, his daughter screwed him up.

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