Stephen Curry Is Near To Being An Early Season MVP Candidate

Steph Curry
Stephen Curry

As MVP candidates in the early season go, player Stephen Curry seems to be nearly topping that list of candidates. On Friday, Curry posted 38 points making his average of the season to 30.5, which is the 2nd best in the league.

Curry hit 9 threes out of 14. He seemed like the old Stephen Curry scoring multiple magical triples for sealing the victory. Stephen added a total of eleven assists to the ledger, which is very impressive. Damion Lee, finisher and recipient of the dime called the pass dope, and the highlight pretty sick. The whole night of Curry turned out to be pretty sick. A toast should also be raised to the bench of Golden State which pulled back the lead of Clippers and gave the Golden State Warriors a meaningful cushion at a moment when Curry re-entered the match for the 2nd half of the 4th quarter to close things out.

The Golden State Bench Didn’t Let Down Stephen Curry

The time when Stephen Curry started the 4th quarter, the Golden State Warriors trailed by six. With Curry re-entering the match with under 6 minutes left to play, the team led by three. When Stephen is benched, if the Golden State Warriors can tread water, they will become can be a huge problem if the Golden State bench can act as a boost. Andrew Wiggins turned out to be an important factor outside the bench, scoring 16 points by shooting 5 out of 10, including two of five from three.

Andrew Wiggins is capable of shooting just below 41% form 3 so far. His ability to create a 1-on-1 offense has been one significant buoy with Stephen Curry getting tracked off the ball relentlessly. If Oubre manages to find his game, the Warriors can have something really brewing. The player Draymond Green also turned out to be a godsend.

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