Zendaya, Director Levinson & John Washington Enter Award With Pandemic-Shot Drama Today


With Netflix unveiling the drama starring Zendaya and directed by Sam Levinson which is shot during the pandemic before its release on February 5, the unseen final film with potential for awards is presenting itself tonight. John Washington plays the role of a director/writer who returned home along with his own girlfriend following the premiere which turned out to be triumphant and Washington hopes it will be a breakout film of his career.

Zendaya plays the role of Washington’s girlfriend and forgets to thank her although her difficult life experiences informed most scenes of the drama. The drama starts from there with them as a couple in an evening within a picturesque house which gets shot in a 35mm white and black film unveiling a fight over little things which makes them reveal themselves to each other and their feelings regarding the relationship.

The Drama Was Also An Initiative Of Zendaya

They bear each other’s insecurities and souls with brutal hard emotions in scenes which are reminiscent of the style of John Cassavetes. Malcolm and Marie is probably the most bright and uplifting movie of 2020 in which many huge films stopped their filming due to the shutting down of production, theaters, and the impact of Covid-19. The drama was shot amidst the pandemic after Levinson got forced to stop the filming of Euphoria, a series on HBO.

The star of the show Zendaya urged Levinson to come up with something which can save them all from unemployment. Zendaya is the youngest American actress known for winning the Best Actress award in Emmy. Zendaya also wrapped up the movie Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film was shot in the Caterpillar House of Carmel in June across 2 weeks according to very strict protocols of SAG-AFTRA, DGA and WGA.