The Flash Star Breaks Down The Warning Of Armageddon

The Flash
The Flash

The Flash would return to CW for its Season 8 today, and the eponymous character is as fast as ever. But fans and critics alike have been asking the same question- will an upgraded Barry Allen be able to deal with the fact that he would be the harbinger of Armageddon?

Nevertheless, there is still some time for that- as part 1 of the season would be all light-n-bright- directed towards showing the strength Barry possesses after the events of the Season 7 finale. Iris would also be a more developed version of herself- lording over a developing Central City Citizen Media that would go on to employ actual non-friends writers along with a podcast. 

The Flash Would Return For Season 8 With New Turmoil

The Flash’ Flash and Iris would be looking towards improving their domestic life with a baby, but their latest attempt would be cut short with Ray Palmer arriving on the scene- having been in town for a tech convention but unable to find a room in a hotel.

After crashing at Barry Allen’s, he would find himself with a fanboying Chester, who would love to be the tech titan’s handler for the Convention. Hilariously, when Chester looks towards introducing a pitch fest, Ray states that he is simply here to have fun- and not initiate a start-up. 

The Flash would find his first villain of the week in the form of the Royal Flush Gang, who have also upgraded their MO, and are booking towards looting a whole bunch of cryptocurrency. But now, Flash would be easily able to overpower them, thinking at speeds faster than ever before.

While Part I would be all about fun and frolic, Part II would take a turn and show Barry, or The Flash, going to the Hall of Justice where he seeks out the Black Lightning. By the end of the second episode, one might get a glimpse of development where Barry thinks that Armageddon would be near reality.