Stephen Richer, GOP Official Of Election, Defends Against Trump Voting Claims

stephen richer

Stephen Richer heads Arizona’s Maricopa County as an official of the Republican Party. On Monday, he defended his office with some force after Donald Trump, the former President, said that the entire database of the county had been erased.

Officials Like Stephen Richer Are Humans Too

The recorder of Maricopa County, Stephen Richer, said that somewhere down the line they are humans too and this has to end. He said that good people worked there in his county. He was tired of the constant defamation they were having to face. His friends, office, and team were under constant public pressure because of the false claims.

Stephen Richer’s comments follow a statement from Trump that came on Saturday. In it, he made a false claim about Arizona’s Maricopa County’s entire database being “DELETED.” Richer had replied and called it an “unhinged” claim on Twitter.

He wrote on the Twitter post that he was seeing their database of voter registration on the other screen at the moment he was writing it. He said that he cannot continue to indulge in these crazy lies for much longer. He called for it to stop on the level of a country, state, and party.

Trump’s claims were an amplification of those made by Karen Fann, the Senate President of Arizona state. Last week, she gave a letter in which a screenshot was presented. It allegedly was evidence of the deletion of the state’s election files. The Supervisory Board of Maricopa County responded to the allegations of Fann on Monday. 4 of the 5-member Board are Republicans. The members harshly condemned the allegations made by the Senate under the leadership of the GOP.

The latest conspiracy theory regarding elections follows the decision of the Arizona Senate’s Republican leader to move forward with a questionable audit.    

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