Steve Bannon Surrenders To New York Authorities

Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon is charged and later surrendered to state prosecutors in New York on Thursday.

He is facing accusations for his involvement in the “Build the Wall” association that solicited millions of dollars on the pretense of building the US-Mexico border wall, but he was alleged to pickpocket some of the funds for himself.

Second-degree money laundering and fifth-degree conspiracy were charged.

Steve Bannon Enters The Courtroom

Steve Bannon went into the courtroom with his hands bound but a smile on his face. Bannon pled not guilty and was represented by counsel. Judge Juan Merchan also decided on Allen Weisselberg’s fraud and tax evading case.

Steve Bannon must forfeit his passport as a condition of parole. According to prosecutors, “Bannon has the resources to depart the nation and bears history of” breaking the law, referring to his conviction after the contempt of Congress.

Steve Bannon was convicted guilty for rejecting to come before a House committee that investigated the January 6 attack on United States Capitol Building.

At a news conference earlier Thursday, Alvin Bragg said of Bannon, “The simple reality is that profiting from contributors is a felony.” At the same press conference, James said that Bannon had exploited his contacts to “cheat average Americans.”

Bannon stood out as a wonderful illustration of this glaring disparity, as stated by James, adding that he scammed his contributors out of $15 million.

There cannot be a single set of regulations for common people and a different one for the affluent. We should all follow similar rules and uphold the law, he added on Thursday.

“Mr. Bannon used his contributors’ political beliefs to get millions of money, which he subsequently plundered. Mr. Bannon deceived his donors in order to benefit himself and his pals.

Because no one is above the law. They will continue to pursue fraudulent activity in all sectors of society, included white-collar offenders. He appreciates Bragg for his close collaboration on this investigation and congratulated the hard work of the devoted personnel at the AG’s Office and the Manhattan DA’s Office.

In anticipation of his indictment on Monday, Steve Bannon delivered his own statement.

Bannon yelled at reporters as he exited the court on Thursday that everything was rubbish and that they would never be able to silence him. He also stated that he was targeted because of his support for Donald Trump.

In 2020, Bannon faced identical accusations in federal court but was pardoned by then-President Trump in his closing days in office.