Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes Now Live

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid Passes have shown up.

The new feature is currently accessible to all players who are at least trainer level five, and as their name recommends, they permit you to join a Raid remotely, so you don’t have to make a trip to a Gym to take part in the fight.

If you have a Remote Raid Pass, you can use it to partake in any Raid that shows up on the Nearby screen. You can get three Remote Raid Passes through an exceptional one-PokeCoin group from the in-game shop. Niantic is likewise selling extra Remote Raid Passes at a restricted time cost of 100 PokeCoins.

As supportive as the new Raid Passes are, they accompanied two caveats. To begin with, while up to 20 players will have the option to join a similar Raid, just a set number will have the option to do so using Remote Raid Passes.

Moreover, while players who join Raids through Remote Raid Passes will at first have a similar attack power as those genuinely present at the Gym, Niantic says remote players’ attack force will, in the long run, be decreased. You can read about Remote Raid Passes on the official Pokemon Go website.

Remote Raid Passes are just the most recent measure Niantic has executed to make Pokemon Go simpler to play from a personal setting in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

You will likewise have the option to get one reward Field Research task every day without turning a PokeStop. Also, you can now take care of your Pokemon different Candies and Stardust immediately, letting you power them up significantly more rapidly than previously.

The Remote Raid Passes show up in Pokemon Go only as Landorus is going to leave Raids. The Legendary Pokemon was initially planned to leave on April 21, yet Niantic extended its stay by an extra week, so it will currently show up in Raids until 1 PM PT/4 PM ET on April 28. Time is likewise heading out to catch April’s Research Breakthrough reward, Alolan Exeggutor.