Stimulus Check: California Second Round Relief

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Californian Govt. has initiated the process of dispersing the stimulus check to millions of its residents who have qualified for the Middle-Class Tax Refund. While many have received them, most are yet to receive their stimulus checks. 

The relief payment amount being dispersed to the residents of  California could be between USD 200 and USD 1050, depending on their filing of tax returns for 2020 and their dependents.

Stimulus Check: How Is It Being Distributed

FTB last Monday tried to clarify the distribution process taken up by them and based on this, the residents of California could roughly get an idea as to when they could expect to receive their stimulus check.

Broadly, those who have qualified for the Golden State Tax will receive their payment between October 7 and October 25. The payment will be directly credited to the recipient’s Bank account.

Between Oct 28 to Nov 14, residents who have filed their tax returns with FTB will receive the relief payment.

Residents who opted for relief money to be sent through the mail should receive their debit card latest by Dec 10.

Residents who have applied for relief and applications of such residents have been approved by the state will receive their payment by Jan 2023.

The payment through the prepaid debit card will be sent through the mail and in alphabetical order as per their last name.

The residents who have opted to receive the stimulus check payment by debit card, with the last name starting with A to E can expect to receive the payment between Oct. 24 to Nov. 5.

For Names F to M it is Nov 6 to Nov 11. for names N to V, it will be between Nov 20 to Dec 3. For W to Z it will be between Dec 4 to Dec 10.

The debit card sent out is being done in partnership with Money Network.