Fat Phobic Criticism Forces Taylor Swift To Modify Her New Anti-Hero Video

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, 32, is an American singer and songwriter. Her songs are often inspired by her own personal life. She is a Human Rights Activist and believes in women’s empowerment. Her recent song Anti-Hero from the Midnights’ Album has been widely criticized. This forced her to edit the song. Though the original still plays out on YouTube.

Taylor Swift Was Just Fighting Her Own Demons

Taylor Swift has had issues with her body before. She has literally struggled with disordered eating in her NetFlix Documentary she said how media scrutiny over her body had made her starve at points in her life. In her video, the multiple Grammy winner is seen grappling with issues like self-loathing and fear of being rejected. In the now controversial scene, Swift steps on a weighing scale, and instead of her weight, the scale shows FAT.

Many have said fat phobia stems from socially mandated norms that equate fat with unattractiveness.

While some have said an actual fat person will genuinely feel insecure in front of a thin person. They further said she should not portray such sensitive issues as people look up to her. Fat here seems like abuse as if being fat is something you have to be ashamed of. Though Taylor is talking about her own personal struggles she is still facing the flak.

A director of ‘Beat’ a charity for an eating disorder has said her song may have a positive influence. One social media user wrote about how insensitive the world had become when in actuality Taylor Swift was talking about her own insecurities.

In recent times many celebrities like Beyonce, and Lizzo have made changes to their videos.

Anti-Hero though released a week ago has shattered the record on Spotify for being the most-watched album.