Stimulus Check From Maine: Get A $850 Check

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Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks for the people of Maine?

The residents of Maine are struggling to pay the higher energy and grocery expenses brought on by the nationwide inflation caused by the recent epidemic.

No one should have to remind the Governor that he or she has no power over the world market’s reaction to COVID-19. The people of Maine are facing greater prices, but Governor Mills is dedicated to doing all in her power to assist bring relief in the form of stimulus checks.

More than half of Maine’s budget excess is being returned to residents by Governor Mills in the form of $850 direct stimulus cheques.

Stimulus Check Update: Proposal Supported By Legislature

The legislative body voted in favor of the governor’s plan. A total of $729.3 million has been refunded to taxpayers, with $850 cheques having already been delivered to an estimated 858,000 Mainers.

Participants’ Federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) must be less than these thresholds, and they cannot be claimed as tax dependant.

A combined total of $200,000 if married and filing jointly, or $100,000 if filing separately.

Head-of-household filers may deduct up to $150,000;

If you’re married and filing jointly, you may make $200,000 total.

Although residents had until April 18 to submit their income taxes and get $850 in tax refunds, they may still do so by following the instructions below.

File your individual income tax return as a full-year Maine resident by October 31, 2022, to qualify for a relief payment from the state of Maine.

You can see where your COVID Pandemic Relief stimulus check payment stands on

As a rule, financial data is updated every other Tuesday and Friday. Your updated billing details will be visible the next business day.

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