Stimulus Check From Maine: Get A $850 Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Maine people are grappling with the increased costs as a result of pandemic-driven inflation, ranging from higher energy costs to increased prices of everyday goods seen across the United States.

Everyone knows the Governor cannot control the impact of COVID-19 on global markets. Governor Mills is committed to doing all she can to help offer stimulus check related relief and to make sure the people of Maine get the resources they need to deal with these higher costs.

Governor Mills is giving back more than half the budget surplus to the taxpayers of Maine, in the form of $850 direct stimulus checks.

Stimulus Check Update: Proposal Supported By Legislature

The Governor’s proposal was supported and approved by the Legislature. The $850 checks have already been mailed to an estimated 858,000 Mainers, for a total of $729.3 million returned to taxpayers.

Those individuals eligible can not be claimed as a dependent on a tax return and must have a Federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) of less than:

100,000 if filing single or if married and filing separately;

$150,000 if filing as head of household; 

$200,000 for couples filing jointly.

The deadline to file individual income tax has passed, but residents will still be able to file after that date to claim their $850 relief checks.

For the state of Maine, an individual income tax return needs to be filed by October 31, 2022, as a full-year Maine resident to receive a relief check.

You can check the status of your COVID Pandemic Relief payment on the website.

Payment information is typically updated on Tuesday and Friday nights. Any change to your payment information will display the following day.

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