Gavin Newsom Faces Resignation Campaign

California Recall
California Recall

Gavin Newson, the governor of the state of California, has caught himself in a political dilemma. Thousands of citizens of the state are going against him. They took to the parking lots of shopping centres of the local Walmarts and on the boardwalks of the beachside. They are working on convincing the others that the governor needs to resign.

The approval ratings of Gavin Newsom as the governor have dipped recently. This comes as a result of the frustration that has developed in the people of California. This owns its origin to the conditions of the state due to economic downfall following the lockdown imposed by the governor. Gavin Newson is held to be responsible for not handling the pandemic induced by the COVID-19, appropriately.

Will Gavin Newsom Resign?

The campaign demanding the resignation of the governor is still on track. The last day for required signatures is the 17th of March in the year 2021. There will be a recall election in case the efforts of the protestors happen to succeed. It will be arranged before this year ends.

A political advisor and a spokesperson representing the campaign, Randy Economy, gave a statement. It was said that this was something everybody saw coming. Randy Economy further added that the impact of the campaign against Gavin Newsom, which is huge, was something no one had anticipated.

Despite the campaign, there are still a majority of citizens who still favour Gavin Newson. Also, as per the records of the state, all governors of California, since the year 1960, has faced recall campaigns. However, only one has been removed successfully that is, Gray Davis. This happened in the year 2003.

Gavin Newsom took over the office in the year 2018. He won over a Republican by a total of 24 points. Since then, the governor has been successful in retaining support from the supporters of the Democratic party.