Sylvester Stallone Covers Up His Wife’s Tattoo On Biceps With Images Of His New Dog

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

There are signs of trouble in the marital life of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer, his wife for over a quarter of a century. The star of First Blood had a giant tattoo of her covered up with images of Butkus, his movie dog.

Jennifer, who at 54 is 22 years younger than Sylvester Stallone, also hinted at trouble in their married life in an Instagram post where she is seen hugging their three daughters. She has written on the post that her girls were her priority and nothing else mattered for the 4 of them.

Sylvester Stallone’s Team Has Insisted That All Is Well On His Domestic Front

But the publicist for Sylvester Stallone has insisted that all is well on the domestic front and the Rocky star botched up the tattoo while trying to refresh it.

Stallone had a huge colorful tattoo of Jennifer’s face on his massive biceps along with the picture of a rose. It has now been transformed into the face of a bull mastiff for his movie. Butkus was Sylvester Stallone’s co-actor in Rocky and was there again in the sequel, Rocky II. Butkus belonged to Stallone in real life too.

Sylvester Stallone though has denied reports of trouble brewing in his relationship with Jennifer. According to his publicist, Stallone loves his family and the family is presently filming a reality show which will debut on Paramount Plus.

Stallone and Jennifer married in May 1997 at Dorchester Hotel, London. She had been reflective of his playboy reputation and said that as she was with him for most of the week, he would find it difficult to go back to his flirtatious ways.

Earlier this year the power couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and Sylvester Stallone then hailed his wife as incredibly selfless.