Tucker Carlson’s Involvement With January 6 Footage

tucker carlson

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to hand out the most controversial footage in American history to fox news host Tucker Carlson. Other GOP leaders were totally unaware of it. The decision caught them off guard. January 6th, 2021 has marked history. The capitol attack was one of the former President’s playing. The attack has killed two officers in charge, leaving many with permanent injuries. Both physical and mental. The footage has more than 40,000 hours of recording. The January 6th committee has previously warned if the footage goes public. There would be possible consequences.

After Tucker Carlson, Many Came Up With The Same Request

Giving Tucker Carlson access to such a sensitive matter was probably the biggest mistake McCarthy has done. Other GOP leaders have questioned his purpose for handing out the footage. Many other republicans are yet to witness the bizarre incident that took place. It was the GOPs who filed a case against the former president being the flag bearer of the incident. Later Kevin McCarthy also announced that many other media houses will have access soon, although didn’t specify the time.

Tucker Carlson was the one who spread the rumor of the Capitol attack after receiving the order from Trump. Even after the capitol police continuously warned about the footage would cause risk to the building. Tucker Carlson paid no attention to warnings whatsoever. Tucker Carlson did mention when asked if he did take permission before airing the footage. In response, he said the Police department went through the footage.

However, Tucker Carlson played the police department, by showing them only a part of the footage to review. Tucker Carlson’s airing of the footage may bring doubt to the police department. The footage showed many only duty officers were afraid to jump in because every human has a fear of death. The police officers testified in court that they were afraid to engage with the mob. The mob was great in number, and the police force was less.