The $1,400 Stimulus Check Will Be Followed By A Letter Signed By Biden

stimulus check
stimulus check

If you have received your third stimulus check, you can expect a follow-up letter signed by President Biden. This letter, officially known as Notice 1444-C contains details of your stimulus check and should be retained for any future communication with the IRS.

This letter is your only official record of the amount of your third stimulus check. And if you are up for a follow-up payment, you can base your calculation on this letter and claim the additional amount. But you could also get an automatic plus-up payment from the IRS based on additional info that you may have sent.

A plus-up or follow-up payment is mostly given on additional info the IRS received after you have filed your 2020 tax returns. The initial stimulus checks were given in March’s second and third week, and many filers had not yet filed their returns. Additionally, many Americans filed their returns for the first time as the non-filer tool was not available for the third stimulus check.

As many Americans earned less in 2020 because of the economic downturn, they were either eligible for more or even qualified for a stimulus check.

The birth of a baby in 2020 or the inclusion of a dependent will get you an additional check.

Holding On To Notice 1444-C That Contains Details Of The Stimulus Check

You should normally receive your letter a couple of weeks after you have received your stimulus check. Notice 1444-C is a confirmation of your payment. It contains two vital details, the amount that you were paid and the mode of payment.

There is also advisable to look up the IRS tracker, Get My Payment or call up a number if you are yet to receive your stimulus check.

If you have received a check but believe that you deserve more based on your calculations, this letter will be vital to claim the balance payment.

This notice will also be needed for your tax records for the returns to be filed next year.

This notice was also sent along with the first and second stimulus checks. And if you have any missing stimulus payment from the first and second round, you missed a vital date. These payments could have been claimed through the Recovery Rebate Credit to be filed along with the 2020 tax returns.

As the extended filing deadline passed on May 17, you will now have to apply for a filing extension.

Updating Your Mailing Address In The IRS Records

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks

Be sure to have your details updated in the IRS records. The easiest way to update records is through filing tax returns. If you have filed your 2020 income tax returns, the IRS should have your tax records. Or you can use the various tools available to update records.

The other way to change your address with the IRS is to complete Form 8822 (Change of Address). You should send the form to the address mentioned in the form.

You can also write to inform the IRS of the address change. You should provide complete details of your name, old and new address, social security number, ITIN or employer id number, and signature. If you file jointly, you need to provide the details of both filers and enter your signatures.

Steps To Take If You Have Lost Your IRS Letter

As already mentioned, Notice 1444-C is the sole official letter for your stimulus check. The IRS doesn’t issue a duplicate letter. But you can go online for the details contained in the letter.

If you do not have an online account registered with the IRS, go to the IRS page, check the registration option (the blue button), and create your account.

You have to provide your financial and tax information, email address, and mobile number for receiving the activation code.

Married couples will need to log in to separate accounts.

What Information Will I Find On The Online Site?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The whole process of registration should not take more than 15 minutes. As part of the registration process, you will get an email and a couple of activation codes. If the codes do not come in for any reason, you will have to wait for the letter from the IRS containing the codes. It takes 5-10 days for the mail to come in. You can track this letter using the free tool of the US Postal Service.

Once you have completed setting up your IRS online account, you should check your account for the details contained in the IRS letter. If the details contained in the letter are not available on the IRS site, you will need to wait a few weeks for the IRS to update the information.

General Information On IRS Letters

The IRS mails letters to tax filers for various reasons. They include a notice for any balance due or a tax refund. You could be getting one for your child tax credit next year.

The agency might also need to get additional information or verify identity.

Normally IRS letters are about returns. Read each letter carefully and consider the appropriate response. Take the help of an expert if you cannot fully comprehend the letter. And if the latter requires a response, respond timely within the date mentioned. This will minimize any additional penalty or interest and retain your right to appeal. And finally, do keep the original letter in your tax file for future reference.