Utah Jazz Gets Donovan Mitchell Back!

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell came back to Utah Jazz. He is a further addition to the balanced attack of the team which made a 47-point performance and career-best by Morant thereby allowing the club to progress in the next stage of the playoff series of the Western Conference. The attack made them win against Memphis Grizzlies by a scoreline of 141-129 in Lake City on the night of Wednesday. Mitchell has managed to score 25 points which are the highest in the team. He also managed to bury 5 three-pointers in a total of ten tries for the Utah Jazz. Teammates Joe Ingles and Mike Conley also managed to score 3 three-pointers each. 

Utah Jazz Has The Most Fierce Attacking Lineup In The NBA This Season

The club, Utah Jazz, which has been the top seed of the NBA this season also holds the record in fewest three-pointers allowed and most three-pointers scored. They dominated the whole game against the Grizzlies, who sits in seed no. 8 on the NBA table. They successfully defeated the Grizzlies in their series opener. Donovan Mitchell was busy coming back from his sprained ankle. Grizzlies shocked the regular-season champions of the West by keeping them confined to a 25.5% accuracy inside Game 1 on three-pointers. 

However, Utah Jazz was quick to show their versatility and play-making in their rematch. They managed to score ten treys inside the 1st half and finished with a lead of 74-54 at the break time. They turned the speculation of all the fans following the game upside down. Utah Jazz was quick to come beyond the disappointing arc of playmaking in their 1st match to give an upsetting loss to the Grizzlies. The series opener took place in the stadium of Salt City on the night of Wednesday.