The Stimulus Check Upto $1,400 Can Arrive Through Mail: You Can Easily Identify And Even Track It

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

You can expect your stimulus check in your mailbox if you have not already received the amount in your bank account. But you need to also know the way you can identify and trace it. If in doing so you realize that it is not on its way, you can take it up with the IRS.

As March 24 was the last time for direct transfer of the stimulus check of up to $1,400 into your account, the next wave of payments will come in with the help of the US Postal Services. Your mail could contain an EIP card or a paper check.

You definitely should be watching your mailbox for the check. But you should first confirm if the check has been dispatched in the first place by the IRS. There is no guarantee that you will receive the third stimulus check even if you have received to first two in 2020. There are factors like the income limit for individuals and families. Age The limitations for dependents have changed. You can check both your eligibility, plus the way you can calculate the total amount you can expect in your stimulus check.

If you find that you are eligible for the stimulus check, but are yet to receive it in the mail, you can determine when you can expect your stimulus check in the mail. Thanks to the postal services and the IRS tool, you can now track your check right till it reaches your mailbox. The services of the tool can be canceled at any time. 

Use The ‘Get My Payment’ Tool To Know Your Status

You can use the tracker put up by the IRS to check your payment timetable. You can know the expected date of your payment and also if there is an error while processing the payment. Called ‘Get My Payment,’ the tool will help you to know if you are even eligible in the first place.

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

But the tracker does not tell you the exact date when you can expect your stimulus check, either in your bank or in your mailbox. But if your stimulus check has been dispatched by mail, the online free tool of the US Postal Services will come in handy. As all stimulus payments will come through the mail after March 24, either in the form of debit cards or paper checks, this tool should help you. Named ‘Informed Delivery,’ this tool will be your next aid to monitor your payment.

Here is how you can make use of the free service of the USPS to track your stimulus check. Another important piece of information that you should never forget is to notify both the USPS and the IRS about any change in your residential address.

Things You Should Watch Out For In Your Snail Mail

You should know what exactly to expect in your mailbox. The IRS has stated that the paper check comes from the United States Treasury Department in a white envelope. It will be marked Economic Impact Payment. You will also get your EIP debit card in a similar envelope and from the same department. The card is issued by the MetaBank, N.A., as printed on the reverse side of the card, and it is a Visa card. The information included in the card will identify it as an Economic Impact Payment.

The EIP debit card is convenient and secure. You will get all the instructions required to operate it along with your mail. This card is not reloadable. It can be used anywhere the Visa Debit Card is accepted. It can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs. You can transfer funds, and also get a replacement without paying anything extra. You get access to a free app to check your balance. There is sufficient protection against loss, fraud, and errors.

The Postal Services Tool Is Now Your Guiding Light

Called ‘Informed Delivery,’ the USPS free mail tracker service will automatically scan your letter and alert you every time a correspondence or package addressed to you is scheduled. And that includes your much-awaited third stimulus check.

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

As the letters processed by the postal services are run through their automatic mail sorting machines, a digital picture is automatically created capturing the details of every standard size mail. You can sign up for the free app and access the info each time a letter addressed to you is on its way. But it may take up to 3 days to set off your account so you need to start early.

You will also receive an email each morning on weekdays that will inform you if any mail has been mailed to you. The ‘Informed Delivery’ app supports both iPhone and Android operating systems. Signing up for the service will help you track your mails and not just the stimulus check.

Is Signing Up For ‘Informed Delivery’ A Simple Process?

The signing up is quite simple, but it could take up to 3 days for the account to get activated. Only then will you be able to access the app. Another limitation is that it works with personal and residential post box addresses. It doesn’t work for business boxes. It may also not in particular residential buildings that have not been identified yet by the postal department. Take the help of the Informed Delivery page of the US Postal Service.

Signing Up For The United States Postal Department’s ‘Informed Delivery’ To Track Your Stimulus Check

To use the USPS ‘Informed Delivery’ tracker, you have to know the process to sign up for it.

Open the tracker and tap at Sign Up For Free. Next, you will need to enter the mailing address. You will also know at this stage if the Postal Department’s services extend to your residential address. You will then need to accept all terms and conditions stipulated. That is the normal art of signing up for any app. Tap at ‘continue’ after you have accepted the terms.

On page 2, you will need to enter your desired username, the password, and the security questions. Finally, enter your accurate contact details and then tap at continuing.

You then need to confirm your identity on the next page. Tap at Verify Identity Online to receive the verification code through the mail. This will prompt USPS to send a code. Also, you can even go to the nearest post office and verify your identification details in person.

There are also details on the process to calculate the amount you can expect in your stimulus check. There are other details that you should know about your stimulus payment and when you can expect it to enter your bank.

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