Biden Press Conference Lacked Several Crucial Subjects

Biden Press Conference
Biden Press Conference

The first Biden Press Conference, which was the first presidential conference of Joe Biden since he took over the office, was held this Thursday. The conference went on to a stretch of over 120 minutes. The president went on to answer almost 24 questions. Most of the questions were based on the subject of the filibuster rule of the US Senate and the immigration policies.

Biden Press Conference Topics

As per the answers recorded in the Biden Press Conference, there were no such concrete solutions given by the president. When it came to the subject of immigrants, it was stated that the president is very much committed to solving the border issue. However, he added that he is not properly equipped due to the rule of the filibuster. The President stated that he does not have enough votes.

No questions were asked about the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. This is one of the main issues that the country is going through currently. The country faced a major loss of life as well as economic loss. Even today, an average of a thousand lives are affected by the pandemic.

It is a very disappointing fact that the first-ever Biden press conference missed the question of the health crisis of the public. A subject that has taken over the world. And also, because combating the crisis, was one of the major themes of the campaign of the American president.

Washington had clamored to have a Biden press conference for so many days. The reason for this was because it was the longest time any new American president has ever managed for so many days without a press conference. The things that were addressed in the Biden press conference lacked so many important subjects.

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