Kyrsten Sinema’s Actions Questioning Her Political Views

Kyrsten Sinema
Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema brought criticism to herself. She is the senator of Arizona states and represents the Democratic party. However, she has shared her views publicly not to be in the party anymore. Which led to questions from her fellow party member. She spoke her mind which led to controversy.

Kyrsten Sinema Decision Won’t Affect The Democrats

Kyrsten Sinema has been serving in the democratic party since  2004 and later in 2012, she was selected for the US house. Recently she has disclosed her desire to leave the democratic party and work independently. And the other members of the party seem to despise and be non-reactive to it. Some felt it was her own decision to choose and she can do whatever she wants. That’s her personal choice, and her not being at the party won’t affect any type of work and decisions.

Before joining the democrats Kyrsten Sinema worked as an activist for the Green Party and fought for the LGBTQ community. Her decision might have shocked some of the congress members and most of them remained calm. Some strongly believe that Kyrsten Sinema will join the republican party.

Again, senate Bernie Sanders felt Kyrsten Sinema has misused her position, taken advantage of, and sabotaged some important legislation. He also believes that whatever she is doing is for her own future and nothing related to the democratic party.

However, Kyrsten Sinema twitted later that changing parties is a natural extension of her service in the Senate. She is currently preferring to work independently keeping all the assignments the same as before. Though she doesn’t want to completely cut ties with the democrats says, Chuck Schumer. She is yet to meet the press and let them know her future plans with the house.