Stimulus Check Payment Of $800 To Be Sent To Recipients In 12 Days

stimulus check
stimulus check

A few citizens in Palm Springs, California, will have to wait for two weeks before they receive a stimulus check payment program that would pay them $800 every month.

This program is being run by Queer Works, the nonprofit organizations, and DAP Health, under which 30 recipients had been selected earlier in the year in March. The payment will initiate the 18-month-long pay schedule on 15th May. The program’s recipients will be free to spend this monthly payment in any form that they consider eligible, according to Queer Works. 

Stimulus Check Payments In California

It is understood that recipients will also have to participate in a study by Queer Works, which will involve multiple surveys taken every month. The data received by this program will be made available every six months- with the final report expected in the Winter of 2024.

In order to be deemed eligible for this program, applicants will need to have an income of around 30% of the median income of Riverside County, which- for those who are unaware- is equal to $16,600. Also, the applicants would have to be clients of either DAP Health or Queer Works, and should also be considered primary residents of the area in order to receive the stimulus check payments. 

The program will be receiving funding of $500,000 from Palm Springs, which Queer Works considers universal basic income, and will be distributed as a stimulus check payment. The applications for the program opened up on 15th March and closed by 25th March. The selected recipients of this program were further notified of the selection on 30th March. This program is already considered to be one of several guaranteed income programs that are taking place in California.