Kanye West Making Kim Kardashian’s Life A Little Bit Harder Lately

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After the divorce from Kanye West, known as Ye now, Kim Kardashian has been struggling with mental health, which is caused by her ex-husband. He has chosen to make her life more miserable deliberately. Previously caused scenes on social media, and in public. Kardashian -Jenner clan has tried to protect the kids and Kim from the drama which caused traumas but in vain.

Kim Kardashian Trying Hard To Protect Her Kids

In order to protect her kids she needs to be a strong woman, which she is but her ex-husband has already caused enough traumas in her life. The mother of four who is also a businesswoman, Kim Kardashian, previously opened up about her relationship with Kanye. And things got rough after her divorce.

Although she has tried her best to keep the kids out of it. She never let anything come near her kids and even Kanye. But he has made her life so difficult she is now seeking therapy. Kim Kardashian’s kids are totally unaware of what’s been going on with their mother. And their father is making it difficult for their mother to even co-parent.

Kim Kardashian believes she had the best dad, and they shared a great relationship with the late Robert Kardashian, and she is giving her best to keep it that way with her kids’ father. She is unwilling to make Kanye their kids’ villain.

What Kim Kardashian is facing, in her own words is “grown-up s***” and she at no cost would bring that outside toxic energy into their lives. And as a mother, it’s her responsibility to keep the kids out of her and her husband’s personal problems, which might cause the kids to biased. The kids are very much involved with their father and Kim doesn’t wanna be the reason for their parting.