Stimulus Check Payments From Cities? Here’s What You Should Know

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Cities apparently are better in tracking residents in dire need of stimulus check payments. As per the Census Bureau of the US, almost twelve percent of IS taxpayers are currently living under the poverty line. The state governments are trying to help these people in the economic crisis after the pandemic. However, these twelve percent, or thirty-eight million Americans are basically invisible in most parts of the country. Therefore helping them become tougher than one would imagine.

Several American households received many stimulus check payments in three rounds from the federal government when the pandemic struck the world. Even though some of the families might not have needed these payments to keep going, we know thirty-eight million people who needed these payments.

If we consider one person among every ten Americans barely lived through, it is evident that cities had stepped inside to help their residents with ways to get guaranteed incomes.

Stimulus Check Payments From Different Cities: 

Well for better understanding, consider this: as many as twenty states have denied the notion of raising the minimum wage per hour. So as per the current situation, if an average taxpayer of the state is working forty hours a week at minimum wage, their income will be two fifty dollars monthly after taxes.

Now consider this: a good child care is averaging one hundred and sixty-seven dollars a week. So, get this, a family with a child will only be left with eighty-three dollars weekly to cover up all their other expenses.

These are the households that the guaranteed income stimulus check programs by the cities are meant to help.

As per the reports of NY Times, almost forty cities have already entered this program. With names like Oakland, LA, Chicago, Atalanta, New Orleans and more, many other cities are joining in.