Andrew Cuomo Issues A Statement Concerning The Lack In Administration

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, and his administration are currently facing criticism with regard to a scandal related to the coronavirus. The Governor from the Democratic Party gave a response concerning the case this Monday. He finally admitted that he should have done something for the release of data with regard to the deaths that took place at the nursing homes from the coronavirus.

Andrew Cuomo’s Inefficiency

There was a press conference following the news that was made public about the inefficiency of the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo. It had been reported that the office of the Governor failed to give a proper report on the total number of deaths that took place in the nursing home. However, the statement that came from him, said otherwise. He claimed that whatever information had been disclosed, were entire entirely accurate.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked about his willingness to apologize, he did not give a clear-cut answer. Cuomo stated that the problem started when his administration did not address the public in an effective manner. He also added that this was the main reason that led to the spread of the theories of conspiracies.

The Democratic politician further added that the mistakes they made were because they failed to communicate properly which created a “void” between them. This was made to fill by others which included politicians and cynics.

Andrew Cuomo had faced a risk of getting a resignation letter after the reports came out from the Associated Press. It had been informed that his administration did not provide a proper number of the recovering patients of the Coronavirus. The total number of deaths disclosed by them was less than 8,500 from the real number.