New Stimulus Check Proposal Could Land $1,200

stimulus check

On the 9th of April, Representative Ilhan Omar went on to voice her opinion on supporting a couple of stimulus check proposals that would benefit millions of families in America.

The first proposal would create an income floor for everyone in the face of stark inequality. The second proposal would help in expanding the child tax credit. The Representative also stated that she would be pushing for measures like guaranteed income through multiple legislative proposals such as the SUPPORT Act. This act is ostensibly going to send $1,200 per month to every adult- and a sum of $600 per month to every child- through local governments and cash payments over a period of five years. 

Stimulus Check Proposal Could Issue Payments Worth $1,200

The representative claimed that this stimulus check bill would be building on successful guaranteed income pilot programs that people have seen in localities around the nation- including St. Paul and Minneapolis. Additionally, Omar with Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Jesus Garcia also reintroduced the End Child Poverty Act- which would help in replacing the CTC and the multiple child provisions in the earned income tax credit with a Universal Child Benefit- according to a statement made. In a 6th April announcement, the three lawmakers stated that, on the federal level, this program would be absolutely universal and would include no income phase-ins or phase-outs.

The stimulus check initiative by the lawyers has been inspired by Minnesota’s proposal, under which the families have been receiving $1000 after earning under $50,000 through state child tax credit- regardless of the tax liability, as written by Omar. Unfortunately, while Omar is not the only legislator supporting the ideas, there is currently no major support for them in Congress yet.