Stimulus Check Update- Americans Could Be Receiving More Than A Sum Of $4,000

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

It has been widely reported that the citizens of the USA have been facing quite a lot of financial trouble- trouble that can only be dealt with through the application of a stimulus check payment.

As it stands, the gas and food prices in the country have been continuously increasing when compared to the prices the previous year. Therefore, due to a forced increase in the cost of living, millions of residents in the country have been deemed eligible to receive a stimulus payment of $4,000. This new plan has already been introduced in Congress by United States Senators Mitt Romeny, Steve Daines, and Richard Burr. This plan has been called the Family Security Act 2.0.

According to this proposed plan, most parents that have children under the age of 5 will be receiving a direct payment of $350 every single month. On the other hand, parents that have children between the ages of 6 and 17 will be receiving a payment of $250 per month. 

New Stimulus Check Payment In Place

Also, most parents have been declared eligible to apply for the stimulus check benefit four months before the due date of an unborn child with monthly payments of around $799 and a maximum amount of $2,800 during pregnancy. Families could also be claiming benefits for up to six children annually and choose whether they should be receiving the benefits annually or monthly. According to the proposed scheme, the monthly payment would ideally start phasing out for individuals that have an annual earning of over $200,000, with couples earning a sum of $400,000.

Nevertheless, the annual income of a family has to be around $10,000 in order to qualify for the stimulus check payment. So, if a family’s income is below a sum of $10,000, they will be receiving a benefit that would be proportionate to the income that they accrue.