Stimulus Check Worth $2,000 Supported By Tom Wolf for Pennsylvanians

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, is towards the end of his tenure. He has completed two successful terms as a governor over the past eight years. He has been through COVID-19 lockdowns, budget surplus, and election security issues, and finally, he wants to bring the curtains down with an additional stimulus check. 

The residents of Pennsylvania are in dire need of financial assistance, especially during this time of inflation and with no help from the federal government. The economy has collapsed and people are struggling to get basic necessities like food, medicines, and gas. 

Wolf’s Effort For Stimulus Check 

Pennsylvania witnessed several campaigns and efforts from the public to get another stimulus check approved by their state government. Despite all the efforts, this relief payment failed to get approved. The Opportunity PA plan worth $1.7 billion had been put forward by Wolf because he wanted the residents to get stimulus payments of $2,000.

A recent interview by Wolf recounts the way he tried to push the stimulus check bill for Pennsylvanians. This was because there was an influx of central money as well as a budget surplus. He stated he wanted to make good use of these funds for the residents. 

Relief Payments Are Still On Hold 

According to Wolf, he aimed at providing a $2,000 stimulus payment to every household in Pennsylvania that have an annual income of not more than $80,000. He further added that the people are facing a crisis and are not able to make ends meet so this stimulus money would have been of great value. 

The plan of PA Opportunity mentioned $2250 million for small businesses, $325 million for the healthcare system, $450 million for the preservation of several state communities, and $204 million towards tax relief on property. However, he is disappointed that this plan remained a failure.