U.S. House Passes Vote Bill For The Independence Of Puerto Rico

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On Thursday, the movement for Puerto Rico’s self-government got an uplift in the Representatives of the U.S. House. A bill with three potential ideas was passed for polling. However, this matter held very few chances to be even considered by the House. The three ideas of the potential future are either United States Statehood, full independence, or sovereignty in association with the U.S. which holds similarities with Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Raul Grijalva who is the Democratic Representative and the original sponsor of the bill stated that even if the bill doesn’t win enough votes in the Senate, it will set a prime historical example in Puerto Rico. However, the election is likely to go above board with above-board consequences as told by Raul to a hearing of the House Committee on the night of Wednesday. 

The Present State Of Puerto Rico

The bill was argued by the Republicans because of the lack of options to maintain the status quo. It is also stated to be a distraction in the Federal Government of the U.S. unless the legislators agree with a funding means. Currently, the Caribbean island is part of the U.S. Territory with its residents having U.S. citizenship. However, they cannot have representation or vote in the presidential elections.

If the Puerto Rico bill is not attended to the current month, which seems quite unlikely, the legislation is bound to expire. The following year will observe Republicans as the new controller of the House shows less probability to reintroduce the bill.

With a population of 3.3 million and holding a high majority of poverty, in 1898 observed Puerto Rico is included in the United States territory. For decades activists have struggled for statehood.