Stimulus check Update: A Major American City Want To Send Five Hundred Dollars To The Citizens

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Rental Assistance Program

Tishaura Jones, the mayor of St. Louis has announced that the legislation are planning to send out stimulus check payments of five-hundred dollars per month to the citizens in early October.

The mayor said that they are trying to send out these stimulus check payments to almost 440 households of the city for the next one and a half year.

This program was not however, approved in October while Jones was making these promises, it got its primary approval this Friday in the conclusion of the Board of Aldermen meeting.

The Qualifications Needed For The Stimulus Check Payment:

Even though the details have not been drawn out yet, one has to be in the low income category and/or has to be a kid’s parent in the public school of the city to be eligible to get these five hundred dollars payments of these stimulus checks.

However, The Question Pops Out: Where Are These Stimulus Check Payments Money Coming From?

Well, just like any other cities, St. Louis are sitting on a pile of local COVID-19 recovery cash that was sent by the national government to help the families at the top of Covid-19. Promoters of this scheme are planning to send almost five million dollars of this cash pile to the households that needs them the most.

The Main Objective:

As per our understanding, the legislators of the city supporting this initiative are aiming to reduce the racial and gender inequality in St. Louis. Thus, they are trying to bring more children in the public school by keeping that as an eligibility criterion to get the stimulus check for the families. This way they are hoping to create a better future for the city.

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